Catalina Harbor on Avalon

We know you have been cooped up for a couple months and if you are anything like us, you are ready for some fresh air and a little bit of an adventure.

However – the idea of an airport for a summer vacation only to go somewhere you cannot “do anything” and end up stuck in an even smaller indoor space sounds horrible. Here is our recommendation for a summer escape!

Take in the breeze on the boat ride to Avalon

First, avoid the airport. Head on down to the harbor (Long Beach or Dana Point) and pick a seat on the deck. Say hi to the dolphins on the way over.

Hike the trails – take in the views!

Trails are re-opening and are as picturesque as ever. Hike the trans Catalina trail or just one of the many day hikes available. Make sure to pack some snacks with you and plenty of water.

Eat Ice Cream on the Beach.

After your long hike grab a nice drippy waffle cone from Lloyds or Scoops ice cream along Front Street. Then find a sandy spot on the beach with plenty of space around you to take in the scene!

Support local businesses.

Everyone has been hit hard by the pandemic. We did our part to stay inside now let’s do our part to shop small businesses. Find a perfect souvenir at one of the pottery or surf stores along the beach. Eat at the pizza or taco shop and help keep small businesses that rely on tourists. Avalon residents and employees are both ready and excited to have you back on the island! Click here for a list of “What’s Open” on the island.

Eat – in… breakfast and snacks are easily stored in our kitchenettes.

Want to save a little while you travel? Pick a room with a kitchenette so you can cut down on the eating-out. Our cottages and mini-suites have built in kitchenettes (many with full size fridges) so you can shop at Vons and stock up on breakfast or in-between meal snacks too. This will help cut down on the spending so you can have more for shopping or excursions!

Take Fido with you.

If your pets have been soaking in the extra time with you, don’t feel you need to leave them behind. Bring them with you to the Hermosa Hotel where we are dog-friendly. Pets also can eat outside with you, go on hikes, and run along the dog-friendly local areas. Avalon is super dog friendly and understands they are just a fury member of your family. For how to travel on the boat check out Catalina Express rules here.

Understand the risks and come prepared.

We know that the masks are not just a fashion statement. Many restaurants and businesses are refusing patrons who lack the new accessory of the season – the face mask. Come prepared with a face mask and hand sanitizer or wipes. If you lose your mask The Hermosa Hotel has already stocked up on extra masks, cleaning supplies, and new linens to quickly switch out and sanitize. We are doing our best to make you feel not only welcomed – but safe as well.

If you have any questions how our hotel is prepping and cleaning for covid-19 please click here for our most up to date information. In addition, please see the CDC website and City of Avalon website for updates on travel to the island.