The Hermosa Hotel has been undergoing some behind the scene renovations over the past year – many regulars might have noticed new flooring, others probably just walked right over it! Regardless, these updates (and underfoot improvements) were necessary. However, the most exciting and mood-transforming update must be the new linens!

Room by room we are stripping the assortment of tropical, denim, or design quilts and fluffing up fresh duvets and beach crisp white linens. These fresh linens compliment well all those other changes you will probably look past – the new paint, the updated toilet roll holders, and maybe you will not even notice the new towels and soap. The linens in their soft white look beckon you to jump onto the beds – so go for it!

Sure, you might love the smell of our complimentary Caribou coffee waking you up in the morning, but nothing will get you out of these new fresh beds (except maybe your pet who has come for the vacation and needs a walk)! And while you would not leave your dog behind, neither will we! Therefore, we ordered a few trendy monkey mats for your fur-child to curl up on as seen here, “The Duchess” testing them out. Make sure to take a picture next to our Hermosa dog bowls in the lobby. We are collecting them on our Facebook album of Hermosa pets!

Our goal is to help you relax, destress, and enjoy your time on the island while enjoying all the fun things the island has to offer. Whether you hike the trans-Catalina trail, or you want to stay the summer and get into the local-vibe, you will enjoy the new amenities and beach-breeze our rooms have to offer. To all those that previously commented on the linens in years past – we heard you – come check out the new digs! We invite you to wrap yourself up in our new sheets while unwinding into the island-vibe.