Diver Dogs Lobby
Brandy in Hermosa Lobby

For all the dog moms and dads out there, we understand your love of traveling with your pup. This is one of our reasons we could not possibly force you to leave them behind while you go off on your island adventure – we know you would feel guilty and have no fun at all.

So, for those planning an island adventure with your pup here are some helpful tips:

Pick a dog-friendly hotel – yours truly – The Hermosa Hotel

When picking where to travel make sure there is a pet policy or pet-friendly staff ready and excited to welcome you! The Hermosa Hotel staff is not only friendly, they likely will get on the floor and say hello to your fur-baby. And why not? They are adorable!

Understand the Catalina Express travel guidelines before boarding. You will need a muzzle or carrying case.

It is really easy to travel to Catalina with your dog. If they are a big ball of fur, you will want to practice with the muzzle. For the little guys they prefer to be carried anyway. They can opt for a muzzle or a carrying case. Just make sure to keep it zipped up while on board!

Make sure you bring necessary treats, toys, and food so they are not bored in the room. You’ll be snacking on all those fun tacos and your dog will look at you with sad eyes – so plan accordingly.

There are toys and treats to spare on the island at the pet store, but if your little guy has a special toy you will want to make sure to bring it. Make sure to have the right kind of leash for all activities – hikes and/or walking about town. If you need a travel water bottle for hiking bring one with!

Pick walks and restaurants that are pet friendly, the Wrigley Memorial/Botanical Garden is not officially pet friendly (unless service animal) due to the foxes and keeping them germ free.  

Here is a list of all hikes around Avalon. You will even just enjoy walking up and down the streets of Avalon looking at all the charming houses and its something not all tourists without a dog will do. There are plenty of local dog owners who can also point you in the right direction and our staff (mostly pet owners) can also help you navigate the streets with your pet. There are plenty of walks and places to explore together!

Not all beaches are dog – friendly. But there is one (a bit more rocky) just past the Casino.

It’s just a couple steps further and you are bound to make a few new friends as well. You will have a blast bringing your fur-child with you. Just remember that not everyone on the beach loves your pet too. Have plenty of extra doggie bags just in case!

Enjoy one of the pet-friendly patios.

Many restaurants in Avalon have patios – but you would have to go through the restaurant which is not allowed. The Avalon Grille and Blue Water have patios you can access via the outside. We also recommend getting some tacos to go from NDK and enjoy sitting on the beach with fish tacos.

When you check in at The Hermosa our friendly staff will probably oo-and-aw over your fur child. We also have a stash of treats and handy-monkey-matts for you to put in the room for your fur-child to snuggle up with. While we love snuggles at night, please note we just bought all new linens, so these fun blankets are intended for floor use. We promise, they are comfy.

There is nothing more fun than wandering the island and beaches with your pup. Treat them to the run-off of your ice cream cone and maybe a bite of your breakfast sandwich at Catalina Cookie Co. Make sure to snap a couple extra photos for that Christmas card!