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Two Harbors

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Visiting Two Harbors

We know, we know… it’s not easy to get to Two Harbors from Avalon unless you have your own boat.  So here’s what we suggest if you’d like to get a look at this cute little town on the other end of the island from us…. but you have to plan it BEFORE you even get to the island!

The easiest way to see Two Harbors is to travel via Catalina Express’s San Pedro terminal.  They offer a boat on certain days at certain times that stops in Two Harbors for about half hour either on the way to Avalon, or as you’re departing Avalon.  Sure, this extends your travel time (it adds an additional 45 minutes to your boat journey), however you get a lovely cruise along our coast between Two Harbors and Avalon.

We can certainly help you book this travel, just let us know!  Or click HERE for more information.