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Swimming with the Fish at Lovers Cove

Written by: MATTHEW

Beautiful Lovers Cove

Beautiful Lovers Cove

When visiting Catalina, checking out Lovers Cove at least once is an absolute must.  This State Marine Preserve is both a pro and beginner snorkelers dream. With its crystal clear waters and abundant fish life, Lovers Cove has to be one of the best places to snorkel in all of Southern California… period. The best part about snorkeling here is that you don’t have to go out far at all to see more fish than you can imagine. I mean it!  Fish here are very adventurous and will swim in as little as 3 feet of water, making it really easy even for those who aren’t the best of swimmers to check out the abundant marine life.

You can see a lot even when in shallow water

You can see a lot even when in shallow water

If you want to swim with the fish this is one of the best places in Avalon to do it. If you really want to see a lot of them, stop by our local Vons grocery store and pick up a bag of frozen peas. They love the peas and when I say you will be surrounded by Garibaldi and many many other types of fish… I mean it, you will literally be surrounded by them!

IMG_6060      12122756_1073264546019287_5072645037310270176_n      snorkel bodies

If you’re very lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the sea turtle that shows up from time to time in Lovers Cove. I had the pleasure of spending about an hour with him in the water just yesterday!


Swim with a local!


Now, I brag about how amazing the water is here but I have to share the Amazing (capital A) with the not-so-Amazing. In order to reap the reward of swimming with the beautiful Garibaldi you are going to have make peace with the rocky coastline. The pebbly beach and rocky slope behind it make it difficult to really lounge out BUT with some smartly placed beach chairs, a beach umbrella and a laid back mentality, you too can enjoy the Amazing waters Lovers Cove has to offer (ask the Front Desk about renting our Beach Package for just $20).

A list of places close to Lovers Cove to rent all your snorkeling gear, including Life Jackets:
Wet Spot Rentals (catalinakayaks.com)  (310) 510-2229
Catalina Scuba Luv (scubaluv.com)  (310) 510-2350
Catalina Divers Supply (catalinadiverssupply.com)  (310) 510-0330


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