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Local Life -Kayla

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Local Life -Kayla

On my days off, I always try to squeeze in a hike. This past week, I took a hike up to the Garden to the Sky after a little stroll through the Botanic Gardens and Wrigley Memorial. The walk up to the Gardens is a hike all itself, taking about an hour to get up there. The walk is well worth it- there is plenty of beauty to be found in this hidden gem!

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This hike is one of the easier hikes on the island, so I always recommend it to anyone visiting the island! One of the things I enjoy most about hiking here is the times of total silence as you get away from town. You most likely will not see too much wildlife- plenty of lizards! Not too much else.

At the top, there are very stunning views. You’re able to see the ocean on both sides of the island (“This is where you can see both the Pacific AND Atlantic ocean!” -Every local ever who takes you on a tour of this area). Ideally, you’ll be up here on a sunny day and can see the coast line and other Channel Islands. Sometimes, one is not so lucky, but these cloudy days make for some unique shots!

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After my hike, I took some time to unwind. I took the puppies down to Descanso Beach and we played out on the grass. We made a lot of friends with people passing through and had a couple of drinks with new friends! This is my favorite spot to just lay out and look up at the sky. On windy days, the clouds have some stunning formations! After we were done with play time, we headed over to the Blue Water Grille of Avalon and had some drinks for happy hour and then spent some time at the Arcade for mini bowling.

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It’s the little things that bring you the most joy while in paradise!