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Leap Year 2016

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Leap Year 2016

Do you want to spend your extra day of the year in paradise? Take advantage of our special Leap Year promotion- just two for $29 on 2/29! Hop on over to this link for more information and to book this special!

For those who have reservations, you’re in for a special treat! Not only are we offering a special, there are other businesses offering $29 specials for you to take advantage of:

Avalon Grille:
The Avalon Grille is offering a two-course meal for $29! Enjoy a meal with a view by making reservations at (310) 510-7494.

Catalina Island Conservancy:
This is the perfect time to take a trip up to the Airport in the Sky with a special from the Conservancy- round trips for 2 for just $29! If you haven’t taken a trip to the interior yet or you just want to get away from Avalon, give them a call at (310) 510-2595.

Island Spa Catalina:
Pamper yourself with a 25-minute $29 manicure and enjoy the beauty of Avalon’s newest spa! (310) 510-7300.

Tour Catalina:
At only 2 for $29, Tour Catalina is offering their History of Catalina tour and Ghost Tour of Catalina! Take advantage of this offer by calling them at 1 (310) 502-6131 or using the promo code “leap” at their website.

Keep an eye out for more fun things going on around town! We hear there will be an inflatable frog and activities on the Wrigley Stage!