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We couldn’t be HAPPIER about this tour

Written by: Matthew and Devon

Photos courtesy of: McCall and Nikki Ryan Photography

Matthew (2nd from right) and Devon (far right) enjoying a goofy moment with the group during the tour.

Hermosa Hotel managers Matthew and Devon recently checked out the Catalina Food Tour’s “Catalina Happy Hour Tour” and have been RAVING about it! They wanted to share their experience of this tour with you and encourage you to try either this Happy Hour tour, or the Avalon Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour also offered, which managers Nick and Jose went on not too long ago and also loved! This company is a class act and we’re “happy” to share details of this awesome Happy Hour Tour.


You’ll love this tour! Visit them online using the link we’ve shared above or call 424-226-9443.

Matthew & Devon’s “report:”

“What can we say about this amazing tour other than WOW! It’s a great way to experience signature cocktails and delicious appetizers from some of the island’s most popular restaurants and bars. My (Matthew) favorite stop was our first, at Coyote Joes, where we were served a “John Daily,” and boy was it the perfect sweet and tasty drink to kick off the tour (it’s like an Arnold Palmer with alcohol). I (Devon) loved their homemade tortilla chips with salsa, and the delicious potato taco.


Our next stop was Luau Larry’s, where we sat in the special “cave.” Here we were served my (Devon) favorite drink of the tour, a “Mexican Candy,” which had the perfect kick & spice thanks to the Tajín seasoning.


The Bluewater Avalon was our next destination, and we were served one of the island’s famous “Buffalo Milk” delights. This tastes exactly like a banana split milkshake, but with rum.. yum. The perfect taste to wash away the lingering spices from the Tajín at our previous stop.


Maggie’s Blue Rose was my (Devon) favorite. The bar is made out of a eucalyptus tree, which I thought was pretty amazing. They served us an incredible street corn dish along with a frozen strawberry margarita. Now we know this is a drink tour, but the snacks provided at each location are just as tasty as the drinks. My (Matthew) favorite snack of all locations would have to be this Mexican Street corn, which tasted so amazing along with the margarita perfection.




If you love a stiff drink the last stop on the tour is going to be for you. The Marlin Club not only had the strongest jello shot we have ever had, but they also offer a well drink (or a beer) and… lets just say they are extremely heavy handed.

Along the tour you get to play a cool bingo game that points out sites, sounds and gives you goofy things to do all along your way from place to place. At first I (Matthew) was kinda not into the game, but after the second stop, when the cocktails kicked in a bit, I confess that it was really fun!”

All in all this was one heck of a good tour and I would recommend it to any guest wanting to have fun and try some darn good cocktails — Matthew

It was an awesome experience, and a great way to meet new people and enjoy Catalina’s favorite Happy Hour spots — Devon

Devon says “Don’t be this guy! Have fun but stay responsible!”