Locals Life

Something’s Fishy…

Written by: DEVON

Recently my friends and I got the chance to do some fishing on a day off – it was a great way to spend the day! We took out our buddy’s dinghy instead of fishing from the pier or mole, just to make the experience more exciting. We would throw our lines behind the boat and let them sink a little bit and then would start to drive until a fish took our bait. About every 3 minutes one of us would catch a fish, it was fun and exciting. We caught Pacific Bonito and some Mackerel that we later used as lobster bait, since it’s currently lobster season on the island.

A great spot for pier fishing is at the mole (where the boat drops you off). Its nice and relaxing there because you can bring folding chairs to enjoy the the view of Avalon, though it can be chilly at night.

Fishing is fun on Catalina Island you should try it! 


You can get a same-day fishing license here on the island at High Tide Traders (they’ll fill you in on where you can/can’t fish), or by clicking on this link: http://www.icatalina.com/fishing.html