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Frog Rock

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Frog Rock

Locals Life


Written by: DEVON

One of the cool hidden treasures of the Avalon area is Frog Rock.  Now, it is secluded and only accessible by water but is not far down the coast from the Descanso Beach Club where you can rent kayaks or SUPs, making everything a smooth sail.

As my girlfriend and I headed down the coast on our stand-up paddle boards, we saw plenty of fish and even some seals swimming about. It is about a 25-minute paddle from the Beach Club but since it’s such beautiful scenery it goes by in no time. There is a little beach area by Frog Rock so we pulled our kayak and SUP out of the water to enjoy a nice picnic and relax for awhile.

Frog Rock stands about 30 feet out the water and has rocks cemented to the side so we had something to hold onto while climbing up. Down below the water was 15-feet deep and crystal clear… they don’t have any rocks in the water that you have to worry about so it makes for a safe (but still scary!) jump down.

After about 2 hours of playing on the rock we decided to head back, luckily there are tons of secluded beaches along the coast and we were extremely exhausted so we found a nice little beach to take another break on, and ended up relaxing there for about 4 hours just taking in the gorgeous view!

You, too, can do this!  Locals tip: go to the little Vons grocery store in Avalon and get deli sandwiches and snacks/drinks to stash in your kayak or backpack.  Then rent kayaks or SUPs from Descanso Beach Ocean Sports (DBOS) at the Descanso Beach Club.  Don’t forget to take snorkel gear with you.  Then… head towards Frog Rock and have your own exhilarating adventure.  And bring a waterproof camera!

Devon jumping off Frog Rock

Devon in the Hermosa Hotel office