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Family Fun

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Family Fun

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Locals Life


Written by: MARK

Last week my great-nephew James visited us on the island. We did the zip line the first day. James was a bit apprehensive on the first zip… but was FEARLESS on the next four! After a quick lunch we grabbed the snorkel gear and headed to Lovers Cove. The water was refreshing and really cooled down the hot, sunny day. At first, this 12-year old was leery of how many fish were so close to shore – these guys are NOT shy! I assured him that they are not carnivorous and that the fish density would be less intense once we swam out a ways past the shore. He used his new GoPro camera to take some amazing underwater photos!  After this we drove around in the golf cart and completed the end of his Day One on the island.

On Day Two we hiked the “Horse Trail,” a 1-hour hike above the golf course, prior to breakfast (and the day’s heat). What a great photographic start to the day! We decided to cruise around town and looked in shops and just kind of walked around “downtown.” The 3:30pm boat departure time came WAY too early, and before we knew it we were on the boat heading back to Long Beach… and it warmed my heart to see my great-nephew smiling from ear to ear and posting about his awesome time with Uncle Mark on his Facebook page.  Thank you, Catalina!

eli and mark

James and “Uncle Mark”

eli zip

Ready… Set… Zip Away!!!!