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Written by: Matthew and Featuring “Junior” and “Minnie”

Having a dog is one of life’s great joys. They make us laugh, comfort us when we are down, and protect us even if we don’t know we need protecting. Being able to travel with our best friend(s) is something we all would like to do more of but with a lot of places not really catering to pet lovers this can make it rather difficult for us. Hopefully this blog will make you and your pets’ trip to Catalina a little less worrisome and a lot more relaxing.

Getting Here

Dogs travel free on the Catalina Express but you must either have them in a carrier the entire boat ride or muzzled. I choose to use a muzzle my dogs so I have one less thing to carry. Once you are on the boat I would suggest if possible to sit towards the front of the boat. When traveling with my dogs I have noticed they are more relaxed in the front of the boat because there is less engine noise and less vibrations for them. Make sure you remember that seats are for us and our furry friends must sit on the floor. The Catalina Express can be a chilly ride sometimes depending on the time of your departure or the time of year you are traveling, if you have a smaller dog who gets cold easy a little blanket to lay on floor would help shield them from the cold carpeting. I’ll be honest, during the winter months even I use a blanket during my boat ride because it gets cold on the open ocean so packing a carry-on blanket for your pet just shows a little extra love… not to mention at the Hermosa Hotel your pet must have either their own carrier or pet bedding so this blanket will serve double duty for you. Once you have arrived on island your dog will be excited with all the new smells to take in. As you walk towards town you will see on the left of the walkway plenty of space for your pet to use the bathroom. There will also be plenty of trash cans along the way – please remember to pick up after your pet. 😉

Water time fun

If your pet enjoys the water there are two places you can take them while visiting Avalon. Your first option and the one closest to the Hermosa Hotel would be between the Tuna Club and the Yacht Club. There they have a stretch of pebbly beach area that is available for you and your dogs to romp around at. Another option if you are up for a walk would be Pebbly Beach. Now when I say walk this walk may take you about 20mins up and 20mins back.This is the locals favorite “dog beach” because of its location. Away from the hustle and bustle of town, Pebbly Beach offers more space for dogs to run around and offers a little more privacy compared to The Tuna Club/ Yacht Club choice. Both of these locations are not sandy beaches but rocky ones so a beach chair is highly recommended (ask the front desk about our beach package).

Pet Friendly Restaurants

Going out to dinner with our pets can be tricky sometimes, so here is a list of Restaurants that will let our four-legged family members enjoy a meal with you out on their patios:

Antonio’s Pizzeria (Patio Open Only during Peak Seasons)

Blue Water Grill

Brew House

Buffalo Nickel

Cafe Metropole

CC Gallaghers

Coffee & Cookie Company

Coney Island

Coyote Joe’s

Maggie’s Blue Rose (Service Dogs Only)

Ristorante Villa Portofino

Sand Trap