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Buried Treasures

Written by: Mindy

Avalon is such a quaint and charming little town, and one of the favorite activities visitors enjoy is renting a golf cart and cruising around town. Venturing up and over Mt. Ada (where the old “Wrigley Mansion” sits), you’ll find sweeping views of the harbor and beyond – perfect for Snapchats and selfies!

A great selfie spot! Be sure to tag #hermosahotel

 At the interior base of that summit is a very sweet spot worth a mention and a quick stop…. our  little pet cemetery:

Residents have been burying their beloved pets at this location for quite some time. Tiny tombstones and grave markers let you know that “Buttons” was a little dog with a big heart, that “Hamzilla” the hamster was a beloved husband and father of 16, and that “Will” was a great fish.


Some of you may recall our “hotel mascot” Chloe, my dog, who passed in late 2013. Our island veterinarian doesn’t have cremation facilities so the odd question of “what do I do with my dog now?” comes into play. I’d been a bit leery of the pet cemetery as an option, thinking of the creepy horror film so-named and other eerie associations. However, as you walk around this peaceful, woodsy corner of the summit you can most certainly feel the love. These former Avalon residents laid to rest here were very loved, and you may find yourself choking up as you read some of the grave markers (even enjoying a giggle or two, as some are quite funny).

Poor Freddie 🙁

I chose a location for Chloe that is far back to the right atop a small hill, in the sunlight.  I thought she’d like to be able to “see” the passing carts and people from this perch, and she always did love a nice sunny spot for napping.  You’ll see her marker and (until fully faded) a little write-up from her “Pet of the Week” article which the Catalina Islander published prior to her passing. 


So if you find yourself driving by this area, stop by and say hello to these special island friends, and especially to Chloe!  You’ll enjoy the charm of this very special place, and something tells me Chloe will know and appreciate that you stopped by to see her.