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Go Fish!

   Blog,Blogs,Uncategorized   November 29, 2016  Comments Off on Go Fish!

Something’s Fishy… Written by: DEVON Recently my friends and I got the chance to do some fishing on a day off – it was a great way to spend the day! We took out our buddy’s dinghy instead of fishing from the pier or mole, just to make the experience more exciting. We…

Catalina Outdoor Adventures

   Blog,Blogs,Uncategorized   October 4, 2016  Comments Off on Catalina Outdoor Adventures

Leave Town and Get into the Island’s Interior… with Scotty! Written by: MARK Many of you reading this remember Scotty, who was a Hermosa Hotel front desk manager for four years. Well, after almost a year of applying and waiting, Scotty obtained the permits and has launched “Catalina Outdoor Adventures.” It…

Island Rhythms

   Blog,Blogs,Uncategorized   September 13, 2016  Comments Off on Island Rhythms

            The sounds of the island Written by: JAMES Being a musician and living on an island is exactly how it sounds…like a dream. I’ve been writing music going on 4 years, producing music for 3 years, and have been living on this beautiful island for…

Quick Eats

   Blog,Blogs,Uncategorized   August 24, 2016  Comments Off on Quick Eats

            Grubbing out island style Written by: NICK It’s lunchtime and your stomach is growling.. but what to eat?  While the island life is typically slow-paced and laid back, for the more active adventurers it can be hard to find time to eat between various activities….

Lovers Cove

   Blog,Blogs,Uncategorized   August 11, 2016  Comments Off on Lovers Cove

            Swimming with the Fish at Lovers Cove Written by: MATTHEW When visiting Catalina, checking out Lovers Cove at least once is an absolute must.  This State Marine Preserve is both a pro and beginner snorkelers dream. With its crystal clear waters and abundant fish…

Frog Rock

   Blog,Blogs,Uncategorized   July 27, 2016  Comments Off on Frog Rock

FROG ROCK Written by: DEVON One of the cool hidden treasures of the Avalon area is Frog Rock.  Now, it is secluded and only accessible by water but is not far down the coast from the Descanso Beach Club where you can rent kayaks or SUPs, making everything a smooth sail. As…

Family Fun

   Blog,Blogs,Uncategorized   July 22, 2016  Comments Off on Family Fun

FAMILY FUN Written by: MARK Last week my great-nephew James visited us on the island. We did the zip line the first day. James was a bit apprehensive on the first zip… but was FEARLESS on the next four! After a quick lunch we grabbed the snorkel gear and headed…

What’s Happening This Week on Catalina Island?

   Blogs,Things to Do,Uncategorized   July 6, 2016  Comments Off on What’s Happening This Week on Catalina Island?

You can always count on having a good time on Catalina Island! Click on the links below to find out what specific special events are taking place this week (or any other week you may be thinking of coming out)… and what movie is playing in the gorgeous Casino Theatre. EVENTS…

Movie Of The Week

   Uncategorized ,,,,,,,   February 12, 2016  Comments Off on Movie Of The Week

Kung Fu Panda 3 February 12-18 Living large and loving life, Po (Jack Black) realizes that he has a lot to learn if he’s going to fulfill the next challenge from his beloved instructor (Dustin Hoffman). After reuniting with his long-lost father (Bryan Cranston), Po must transition from student to…

Opt Outside

For those who have decided to shun the craziness of the retail world this Black Friday, join the thousands of others in opting outside! Along with the national parks, the Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Gardens of Catalina Island is offering free admittance! Join us in starting the holiday season by enjoying…